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USAA's Report to Members is a major company year in review overview report which goes out to millions of it’s members the following year. Includes Member stories, CEO Joe Robles and Chairman Lyles Letter to their members. Was tasked to create a user friendly digital online desktop and mobile experience which showcased this information and kept continuity with their print version look and feel.

Enterprise Business Applications also came to us with an internal branding request for a Geo Portal application which gave USAA users a variety of information globally from Flood Zones to Volcanoes and Wealth Management Centers. They were only given access to a small box where they could enter html code. Was able to manipulate other areas outside the box to give the entire page to the branded USAA look they were wanting. Met with different members of their team and ended up with a result that Julie and her Enterprise Business Applications team were very happy with.

Other projects included a 529 College Savings Plan for USAA Members, also worked with USAA and John Hancock with a Long Term Care informational page. Design, HTML, JavaScript and CSS were all creatively used in helping members become more aware of new and existing services while also creating more revenue for the company.

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